Cardamom House: Christmas Moon

P59A2827There are times, with night photography, when I am convinced that I have the perfect shot. On Christmas Night as the full moon rose over the ridge to the east of Cardamom House, in Tamil Nadu, I believed I had had such a success. However, downloading revealed that I may have had a six-sided flash of light, but the ridge was not in focus. Undeterred, I swapped cameras and set up the tripod again.

P59A2832 (1)On Boxing Day Night, wispy clouds floated in the skies, uplit by the rising moon. The six-sided flash of light proved illusive. However, as the moon crept over the ridge, I became entranced by the interplay of cloud and moonlight. The light was so bright that I reduced the shutter speed to 0.5 seconds.

This morning it’s misty. Tonight may be cloudy. I am planning another photo shoot, but I may have to be content with images that I have already captured – the joys and tails and tribulations of a photographer!

  • Dear Diana – I have surfed a bit in your website this morning and enjoyed the combination in between your words and your creations, photos and pictures. THANKS for introducing me into all tha beauty.
    ypur idea with your friends to create that art-trail is so impressive!!! I hope to walk it one day – can you remind me pleas where can I read about it???
    All best wishes to life full of beauty and love – Yafa Kfir, Kfar Tavor, Israel

    • Thanks for the encouraging and challenging conversations, the stimulating ideas …. and the chance to reflect.

      Somewhere, there is a seat waiting for us … to sit …. to watch the changing light …. to imagine …. to wonder…..


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