Christmas Preparations at Cardamom House

We had had a Christmas Pudding mixture festering in the fridge for days, awaiting missing ingredients. Yesterday we had managed to get some basins, which could possibly go in the pressure cooker and the microwave. In addition, Ian has most of the ingredients to make an almost-Christmas Cake. No guests were expected, which might mean that we could get into the kitchen.

All Ian wanted was the scales. We asked Pandi, who promptly disappeared to look for Christmas lights. Naturally when he found them, they weren’t working. Samy said he would have a look, but that Kumar had them last for bread-making. Samy disappeared and could be heard fervently brushing and scraping at the back of the kitchen. Kumar decided that this would be one of the days when he didn’t understand English, although he did know enough to say that Chris had some under his bed (used for weighing luggage). Ian gave up. By mid afternoon and a late lunch of vegetable soup, Ian’s enthusiasm for cooking had returned. Kumar gave him a cake ring, but the base was too small. Then, to the rescue came Shankar, who said he would look for the missing scales … and promptly disappeared. However, he turned up trumps. An hour later he came back with them, splattered with mud. They had found their way to a neighbouring house, and been used for weighing the garlic crop.

To cut a long story short, the cakes have been made – we just have to make sure that great chunks are not cut out of them before the auspicious day. We have decided that the puddings are as edible raw as they are cooked. However, if we can prevent people who are wandering through the kitchen from turning off the pressure cooker, we may end up with cooked ones. In all honesty, I think I would rather they were cooked. The bucket we used for building up the ingredients came out of a bathroom. I’m just hoping the spices will cover any lingering hints of vomit, urine, soaking knickers … there can’t be any worse … can there?


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