Corona Chronicles Nine: TAKING STOCK

Daily, I had been attempting to reflect on what ever has come to mind and I’ve also been taking regular exercise and likening it to an imaginary expedition. I love having this time to respond to what I am seeing, reading or hearing. It feels very self-indulgent. It leads make back to so many positive, and a few not so positive, past experiences.

I’ve also been trying to keep up regular exercise, so that my muscles are in good shape when eventually I get to having something done about my knees. I reckon this will be about two years away. As I first referred myself six years ago, another two years is hardly of any consequence. However, as is my way, my self-image is of someone who is still mountain fit. The realities are that I’ve been pushing myself too hard and so after a few rest days I’m coming up with a cunning plan. I used the cycle the other day, but the after effects were too painful. Yesterday, I walked to the end of the road, which was further than I had planned. It also took me much longer than I had anticipated, but my recovery from the exercise seems OK … and I saw Langstone Harbour and some bluebells. At last, I am back in touch with wild nature, even if it is in an urban environment.

Mountain fit? I don’t think so.

My plan is now to exercise whenever I feel fit enough and to tie this in with my imaginary expedition. In addition, I will keep up writing this blog, but it may not be on a daily basis. I want a life!! There are so many other things I want to have time for in this enforced lockdown. Many years ago (almost forty – help!) I escaped from teaching and went into youth work with as much outdoor education as I could cram in. I loved the lack of routine and the opportunity to have experiences that would not have been possible in a routine teaching career. Then I escaped from that into self-employment when the challenges and opportunities were innumerable. Now, as a retired person, I am enjoying the opportunities to work and play in so many ways that previously would have been unimaginable. So, routine begone. I will dictate when I exercise and write and not be dictated to by a timetable, so there!

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