Corona Chronicles Ten: CATCHING UP

Over two weeks have elapsed. The time has flown. I’ve been busy reading and following up links to actions for and thoughts about our post-virus world. What will it look like? I’ve read in the newspaper that many people are welcoming this opportunity to have the time to re-connect with nature, air quality has improved and that wildlife has been returning to our urban areas. I have certainly seen more birdlife in our small back garden. A bowl of water has attracted pair of robins, blackbirds, jackdaws and wood pigeons. We had not seen birds in the garden for a number of years. This morning the dawn chorus was deafening. It reminded my of days spent camping when the bird song woke me from my slumbers. How can we maximise the positives that have come as a result of the lockdown?

The Garden (using Insta Toon)

I’ve also been supporting colleagues who are submitting applications to become Accredited Practitioners of the Institute of Outdoor Learning. I love doing this, particularly when the applicants have plenty of time to reflect on their experiences, and to recognise and celebrate their achievements. The experiences of the applicants can be humbling. It’s a time for me to learn and re-vitalise my passion for outdoor learning.

All this has forced me to become much more familiar with apps such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom and gotomeeting, and the ‘joys’ of online meetings. ‘Attending’ my yoga class via Zoom has been an experience. When balance isn’t my strongest attribute, getting into some positions whilst online is a struggle. (There’s a pun in there – I will leave it with you to ponder.)

A surprisingly tidy desk!

I have a heap of writing ideas, which hopefully will flow through the keyboard. I’m determined that these remain a pleasure rather than a chore. There are also so many other things to do – clear out the workshop/studio; finish clearer up the roof space; sort out the attic and turn it back from a dumping ground to a usable workshop and office space; and my own office needs a good clear out so that I dispose of the materials from my paid working life and can find the resources that I now need. My photographs also need some organising. The garden needs some tidying up so that I can plant out some tomatoes as we will be here for the whole growing season and will be able to harvest our crop. I could add to this list. I have to remember that it is a wish list – it is for me to decide what to do and when I want to do it – after all, I am retired.

North Yorkshire Landscape

The weekend has started well. The fact that we would have been in the Orkneys right now, exploring archaeological sites, doing photography, painting and writing, have almost dimmed into the mists of time. The sun is shining. I’ve had elevenses – a hot chocolate, using powder brought back from our trip to the Nilgiris a few months back. This has been strengthened with Baileys of course …. and so to action.

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