Deer Hunt




It is easy ignore the wildlife on one’s doorstep. It doesn’t always seem to be as exotic as wildlife watched when on holiday. This week I headed to the New Forest with a friend. We didn’t have any real plans. I have come to love the Forest and this was an opportunity to introduce my friend to some of my special places. I am always awed by the size of the trees in Bolderwood. How many people have looked along their trunks in wonder? What would those people have been wearing and doing? What stories could these trees tell? However, I have seldom had the good fortune to see deer in the sanctuary. A large group of excited children were surveying the view from the observation platform. There was no sign of any wildlife. The deer were illusive as always.

We wandered further along the track and at a corner noticed some deer sheltering in the trees from a cloudburst We looked at them. They looked at us. Time became timeless. We moved on further. As the rain stopped, a large group came into the sun and began to graze, keeping a watchful eye on us. This was one of those special moments – a feeling of connecting with something magical.

The next day, I had the good fortune to be in the Forest again and was drawn back to Bolderwood although limited by time. It was pouring. Thunder rumbled around. Occasional flashes of lightening split the sky. This may not have been the safest of places to see out a storm, but I was on a quest. My search was rewarded. A small group of males were contentedly chewing the cud. They had seen me approaching, long before I knew of their presence. I think I have fallen in love!




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