Getting my photographs organised



When I travel, I usually have at least one camera is in my bag. I have found that the camera can help to break down barriers. The digital has the advantage of having an immediate record of the shot that can be shared with the subject. When staying at Finlay’s Guest House in Chiang Mai, Ratree was keen that I would take photographs of her and of the plants which she is so passionate about. This developed into a small project to capture the essence of the garden that she has created. The result is small booklet, Ratree and her Flowers.

At Cardamom House, in the foothills of the Western Ghats and on the shores of Kamarajah Lake, a diverse environment encourages a wealth of birds, butterflies and flowers. The staff team have become enthusiastic photographers. Put a camera down for a few minutes, and one of the team will have picked it up and disappeared in pursuit of a bird, or be experimenting with macro and abstract photography. There is now an enormous library of images on both the computer at Cardamom House and on my computer. Some of these images have been used to compile a photographic booklet, Cardamom House: A very special place. Again, the intention has been to capture the essence of the place.

Other projects are in embryonic stages … and will remain secret until completed.

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