Kiln Building

The staff at Cardamom House, in Tamil Nadu, have many skills. These skills include construction work and pottery. The approval of the temple potter had to be sought, because it is through his hands that he communicates with the Gods. It was important that the team would recognise this spiritual connection. They were wary of constructing a catenary arch. How could an arch possibly be self-supporting?

The slides here show that their doubts were unfounded. The first firing was a partial success, but higher temperatures were required. A tall chimney has been added to the kiln. We await, with interest, the next developments.
Screenshot 2015-12-09 16.00.18

Screenshot 2015-12-09 16.00.48Screenshot 2015-12-09 16.01.26Screenshot 2015-12-09 16.01.39Screenshot 2015-12-09 16.01.49Screenshot 2015-12-09 16.02.01Screenshot 2015-12-09 16.02.19

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