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Taking a moment

It is easy to rush around, grabbing photographs and missing the wonder of the changing dance of light on the surrounding slopes and watery surfaces. I am standing in a favourite spot. Most of the time I am alone. A curious young motorcyclist comes and asks for ‘photograph’. His brief presence adds to the mood of the moment.






The early evening breeze rustles and whispers through the palms; birds seem unfazed by my close proximity; dragonflies pause from their flights. This is the photographer’s golden hour not only because of the magic of the changing soft light, but also because of these special moments in nature.

Celebrating Southsea

Southsea is my home. I’ve lived here
for over 50 years and have discovered that my forebears lived on Portsea Island as long ago as the mid 1700s. The sea surrounding Portsea Island is the best of two worlds – a built up sea front offering a cycle route, places to walk, historic monuments, piers and cafes, and a wild less frequented area, where on occasions seals have been spotted.

As always, the golden hours of dawn and dusk are the times for photography. As this is my home, it is easy to work out where the sun is likely to give the best shots. But laziness can mean that I do not make the effort and probably miss some of the best shots.

These photographs were taken at the end of November and the beginning of  December. We had experienced storms and as the waves quietened an Arctic wind brought a crisp clear atmosphere.

Two-thirds sky

Sunsetting over Helsinki Harbour – November, 2011

As I was driving home tonight a flock of Brent geese flew through the sunset. In a few days they will be heading north to the Baltic and Siberia, foretelling of the advance of winter. The visual image of mare’s tails across the red-gold glow had me thinking of the importance of reading the sky on my walking and canoeing trips and also in my photography. Here is a small collection of two-third sky landscapes.

Dawn, Norfolk Broads, April 2011

Dawn, Norfolk Broads, April, 2011Sunsetting over Kamarajar Lake, Athoor, Tamilnadu, August, 2012Sunsetting over Kamarajar Lake, Athoor, Tamilnadu, August, 2012Sunset, Brecon Beacons, January 2010Dawn, Kintyre, January, 2010Dawn, Kintyre, January, 2010

I notice that these photographs have all been taken during the golden hours of dawn and dusk.

Making Memories – A Short Winter Break in the Brecon Beacons

As an outdoor person, many of my memories have been made in the outdoors. Looking back over images transports me to the emotions of the time.

By looking at other people’s captured memories, I can relate to my own experiences and once again get in touch with the ‘feelings’ aspects of being in the outdoors.