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Photo shoots in South India.

Just two weeks ago, I was in Tamil Nadu. It had been a long slog. Ian’s attention was on building a kiln and completing a first firing. Shankar had been studying the temple potter’s practices, to good effect.

Lighting the kiln

Shankar potting


Mine was on getting promotional materials together.This included a photo shoot at the Children’s Project. The young people were wonderful and seemed to enjoy posing. They also picked out things I had not thought of, such as drinking from a jug. Whenever I try this I end up swamping myself. As always, Shankar’s photos were totally different from mine. He certainly has an eye for composition and making the most of the light.

I had also been invited to attend an event to celebrate the pregnancy of one of Samy’s neighbours. While the guests are focussing on the official photographer, I have an opportunity to capture special moments. This is principally a women’s event. Bangles are put on the arms of the woman. There is then a celebratory meal.