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Nearly Ten Years Ago …

With the lockdown and limitations to freedom of movement, I have had plenty of time to think about writing, do some writing, find things that I have written long ago, write a few words ….. and then have another coffee or go out into the garden and watch the tomatoes growing.

I discovered the attached article when tidying up my desktop. There are so many things that have drifted into the deepest corners of my mind. However, this continues to be of relevance.

Horizons Article

I can report that the topic has been discussed at Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL) conferences, has been written about further in Horizons has and has also been the subject of some presentations and papers at The European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE) conferences.

I know need some time to reflect on this further. Time for another coffee and check on those tomatoes. Watch this space.

P.S. When setting the Featured Image to appear on the main page I had to deliberately avoid sunsets. Then I find that the selected photo has the word autumn in its title. Time to think a bit more about stereotyping!