The Western Ghats: The mountains – getting familiar

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At first, my creativity was quelled. Being in the same place for a number of weeks, with the same old views, from the same old positionsĀ can stifle the desire to explore. It can also lead to a more intimate awareness of the nuances of light. For the last fifteen or more years I have stared at the skyline of the foothills of the Western Ghats. I have become familiar with the gullies and clefts. I have looked out onto them at all times of day and night, with all manner of skies, and during severe drought and monsoon.


It is only now, that I am beginning to see detail. Using watercolours, the number of interpretations becomes endless. Here are someĀ of my latest renditions.

2 thoughts on “The Western Ghats: The mountains – getting familiar

  1. Often when I see the mountains and sky I feel, “Such an implausible combination. It can’t possibly be that colour.” But it is.

  2. It is that flash of light, often momentary, that the brain may reject as impossible … but it is!

    For me, this is the magic of becoming familiar with a landscape, a view.

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